How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar

The answer to how long it takes to learn guitar may not please you. In fact, there is no easy answer to this question. If you expect to hear something like

“it takes 245 days with 5 hours”… be prepared to be disappointed, or lied to. 

After all, we are all different. How fast we learn, how much time we have to practice and several other factors come into play. Moreover, what does “learn guitar” mean? It could mean different things to different people. Regardless of all these variables mentioned, there are actions you can take to help you in the process. We’re going to talk about those below and more. Please check out our Roadie Coach. This is a fantastic tool to aid you in your learning process. Roadie Coach will help you with chords, strumming patterns, rhythm, and much more. You can also record yourself with it and also learn full songs on a step-by-step approach. Without further ado, let’s try to answer how long does it take to learn guitar. 

The beginning

If you master the beginning stages of playing guitar, you could make a solid argument for the fact that you have already learned the instrument. At least on a basic level, anyway. In the beginning, you should be focused on open chords and a few strumming patterns. 

If you are truly dedicated, you can be playing most open chords within a month. But that is only if you practice every day. It can be 20 to 35 minutes per day to start with. On the other hand, if you pick up the guitar once a week for 5 minutes, expect to learn to play by 2032

What chords should I learn first?

You should attempt to play all open chords, but start off with just a few. Actually, we’re going to start with just one chord, considered by many as the easiest open chord on guitar. That chord is Em. Take it slow, strum it a few times, and start to discover how your hands and fingers feel. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but with practice it shall become comfortable.

Next up, learn the C chord. Then move on to Dm, G7. 

After you have all of those, learn D, E, A. You already know enough chords to play a variety of songs!

Learn some songs

Even though you should start out by learning at least two chords, diving into songs comes next. Make sure you start with easy songs first. Again, start slow, take your time, enjoy the process, and practice every day.

Songs are a fantastic way to give context to chords and strumming patterns. They help you memorize both and make the entire process quite fun. Naturally, try to pick songs that you like, and that are also easy. 

Three months in

If you have practiced every day, or at least 5 days a week, you should be playing a few easy songs well by now. If you can do that, you could technically say that you play guitar. However, make no mistake, you’re still at the very beginning stages of learning the instrument.

In other words, if you really want to learn guitar and be good at the instrument… be prepared for the long haul. To really learn guitar, you need to spend hours with the instrument. There is no way around this.  

Only you have the answer to the question of how long does it take to learn guitar. There is only one way to find out how long it will take YOU to learn the instrument. Remember to have fun while finding out!