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Learning music is a rewarding experience but often times it can feel pretty difficult to progress. That is precisely where Roadie Coach can help. Its high quality recorder combined with the Roadie Coach app is all you need to learn how to play. The Roadie Coach solution is built by our team of brilliant engineers, experienced musicians and music teachers to deliver you the best learning experience. Track and measure your progress so you can achieve your goals faster.

Play At Your Own Pace
But Progress Fast

Coach will help you learn to play your favorite songs step by step until you can perform the original tracks in full. Use Coach and watch your musical skills grow much faster than you thought.

How It Works

Roadie Coach easily attaches to your instrument of choice. You can use it with electric, acoustic and classical guitars as well as ukuleles. It has soft pads that give it a good grip and protect your instrument from damage. The built-in mics record everything you play so you can get quick feedback on your performance.
1 Attach Roadie Coach r

Attach Roadie Coach

2 Hit The Record Button

Play Interactively With The App

3 Start Playing With The App

Get Feedback On Your Performance

All Your Recorded
Sessions Are Instantly

For every play session, the Roadie Coach app gives you critical visual feedback as well as tips on how to improve your technique and skills.

Key Benefits

Follow A Clear Learning Path

With quick access to personalized feedback and a step-by-step learning approach, you'll have a clear path forward to master every song.

Choose from a Huge Library of Songs

Access to a library of over hundreds of songs from all music genres including pop, rock, indie & more.

Record & Store All Your Performances

Coach is the perfect portable recorder for your kit bag. It will capture and save all your performances and practice sessions in their utmost quality.

Roadie Coach

Sing & Play At The Same Time

When learning to sing and play at the same time, Coach will carefully listen to both your voice and instrument and give you feedback on each.

Easily Share With Others

Coach can provide a data feed to your fellow musicians or teacher, giving them a closer look at your musical journey and progress.

Get Specific Training Exercises

Is a chord transition giving you trouble? Does your rhythm need work? Coach is there to help you improve your weak points and celebrate your achievements.

TWO High Quality Recorders

Roadie Coach is the world's first sensor that is able to deliver on-the-go multitrack recording. It is equipped with a sleek piezo sensor and an extremely capable microphone to capture all your performances and practice sessions.

Tech Specs

Coach uses both a contact mic and a standard microphone to capture all your performances and practice sessions in their utmost quality. The contact mic records the sound of your instrument through vibrations and the standard microphone records vocals.
Coach does your file management for you. All takes of the same song are recognized and placed in folders to allow you to check your progress with your ears as well as eyes.
Slide your finger right and left to adjust the gain and avoid sound clipping for both the piezo line and the regular mic line.
Coach comes with an intuitively-designed VU-meter LED surface so you can clearly visualize the volume picked up by each of the piezo mic and the regular mic.
You can continuously record for up to 6 hours on a single charge. Easily recharge using the USB-C cable included.
Roadie Coach is equipped with a line in and a line out so you can plug your electric guitar.
Coach comes with an easily adjustable grip to attach to all your guitars and ukuleles with an extension capacity spanning from 4cm up to 17cm. The grip is guaranteed to be gentle on your instrument and protect them from damage.

Access Your Performance Metrics

As you work to perfect your skills, imagine having access to your full practice history and performance metrics for all your recorded sessions.
Yearly Streak Overview Insights Graph Achievement Comparison To Last Month Transition to Improve Top 5 Most Practiced Songs
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