Today we will use the Roadie Coach app to learn how to sing and play “Dangerous Woman” chords.

This song by Ariana Grande deals with power, confidence, and allure and has become one of her signature tunes. It features a sultry melody and empowering lyrics that have captivated audiences since its release, making it a favorite for performers looking to channel their inner strength and sensuality. 

With Roadie Coach you can maximize how fast and effectively you learn to play and sing “Dangerous Woman”. You can learn the chords rather quickly with this tool, and then move on to the strumming to finally put it all together. 

If you want to learn to sing this song, then Roadie Coach will listen to your singing and give you precise feedback on your performance. You will learn how to sing more in tune and improve your feel, as well as any other aspects that may need attention. Roadie Coach will also guide you trhough the areas in which you need to work the most.

Understanding the “Dangerous Woman” Chords

“Dangerous Woman” primarily revolves around four chords: Em, Bm, A, and G. Roadie Coach will guide you trhough all of them and help out whenever you get stuck. Trhough clear diagrams in which you can see exactly where your fingers need to go, you will be able to learn the chords without dealing with unnecessary frustration

Once you have the four chords relatively secured, you can play along with the Roadie Coach app and test how well you do. The app will listen to your playing and let you know which chords need special attention, before moving on to the next step.

Strumming Pattern

The strumming pattern is crucial in capturing the song’s rhythmic flow and emotional depth. Ideally, you should aim for a blend of subtlety and intensity to mirror the song’s dynamic range. 

The strumming pattern is relatively simple. However, the challenge arises when trying to put together the chords and playing the pattern in time. Again, Roadie Coach will listen to your performance and give you feedback on which chords or strumming hits you missed and need to work on. 


Ariana Grande’s vocal performance in “Dangerous Woman” is truly special. Although it is good to have her as a clear guideline, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that it takes time to become really good. 

Keep in mind that having good breath control is key. To start, try to keep a steady breath control in order to sustain notes and stay on pitch.

Another great idea is to sing along with the recording and pay special attention to Ariana’s phrasing and articulation.

Once you are ready, have Roadie Coach listen to your performance. Just like with the chords and strumming, you will get detailed feedback on how to improve your singing. 

Using Roadie Coach to learn how to sing and play “Dangerous Woman” will likely ensure effectiveness and accuracy. With dedication and practice, you can start building a nice repertoire, while having Roadie Coach as your trusty helper. Until next time.