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Today we are going to learn how to sing & play the “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” guitar chords. We will be basing our approach on the version recorded by the legendary Johnny Cash. “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” is a timeless Western folk song, written by Stan Jones in 1948.

Its haunting melody and vivid imagery have made it a classic in the genre. The song tells the tale of a cowboy who encounters a ghostly herd of cattle being chased across the sky by ghostly riders. Filled with a sense of foreboding and mystery, the lyrics evoke the feeling of the endless pursuit and the inevitability of fate. 

Over the years, “Ghost Riders in the Sky” has been covered by numerous artists, including Johnny Cash, Burl Ives, and The Outlaws, further solidifying its place in music history. Its enduring popularity speaks to its universal themes of the supernatural, the open range, and the struggle between good and evil.

In this Roadie Coach App Tutorial, you’ll learn how to play and sing “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”, with guitar chords included. With Roadie Coach, you can enhance your learning process and avoid the typical frustrating pitfalls that learning an instrument implies. This will help you avoid unnecessary frustration, and make learning music a lot more fun. 

Where do I begin?

The first thing to do is download the app Roadie Coach, and then register by adding all of the pertinent info. Once you do that, then scroll down the list of songs and choose “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”. At that point, you are good to start working on the chords. If this is one of your first songs to learn (or your first one ever) make sure you go one by one before attempting to play the entire tune. 

Once you are a bit more confident and have some chords under your control, you can try to play and record the song via the app. The Roadie Coach app will listen to your performance and analyze it. You will get constructive criticism based on the accuracy of your playing. Elements like the precision with which you play the chords with your picking hand will come into play here. 

On the other hand, If you want to learn to sing, Roadie Coach is a fantastic tool. It helps you understand how singing works. Just as with music instruments, Roadie Coach will offer you detailed guidance on how to get better at your song and speed.

(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” Guitar Chords

Roadie Coach comes with three modes of operation. To start things off, we recommend the mode “Practice”. Here, you will get feedback that relates to your playing, so you can spend some time on this mode.

The app will even instruct you on how to place your fingers on the strings. With charts that are very well constructed, you will be able to figure out everything from simple to complicated chords.  

Roadie Coach also comes with a feature named “I need help”. It offers further help to play any chord that you are stumbling with. With easy-to-understand and clear graphs that will help you set your fingers precisely where they need to be placed.  

To enhance its features and functionality, Roadie Coach progresses to the next chord once you’ve mastered the current one. The app also displays a percentage indicating your performance and provides feedback on which chords need more practice.

Chord Progression for (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

The chord progression on “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” is a stepping stone for learning other songs. It features a common harmony that will serve you well once you learn how to play it.


After you have a reasonable understanding of the fingerings of the chords, you can then move on to strumming. The mode labeled “Lessons” is perfect for improving this aspect of your playing. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky features a relatively simple strum, but make sure you spend the time in order to make it sound musical. Once you are ready, have the app record your playing so you can get feedback.. 

(Ghost) Riders in the Sky Chords and Strumming

Once you have both the chords and the strumming together, it is time to put them to the test. This will demand more attention as your hands will have to be synchronized. Try to avoid going to fast, and be patient while staying focused on the objectives.

Roadie Coach also offers different speeds so you can practice even at slow tempos. For instance, you can change the tempo if the original is too fast for you. This way you can play the song by gradually increasing the speed while maintaining the original pitches.

Once you can go back up to the original speed, you can then record yourself practicing the song. It is key to remember that daily practice is the best way to learn any instrument, as well as singing. This is the most crucial aspect to overcoming any barriers, and to keep moving forward. 

It is important to mention that Roadie Coach will also display the lyrics of the song. This will be of great help for those who want to just sing, as well as those who want to play and sing. 

In conclusion, learning the guitar chords to “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” is relatively easy with the Roadie Coach App. By separating the most essential parts of the song, you can speed up the learning process and make the overall journey more fun. Among its many useful components, the three modes that the app offers come in very convenient. These, as well as all of the ways for dealing with trouble spots, will truly help you on your journey. With a bit of dedication, you will be playing this and other songs in no time. See you later!