Have you ever wondered if you can learn to play guitar without a teacher? Well, the answer is:

yes, you can. However, although it can certainly be done, it will require discipline, focus, and the right information. After all, the Internet is littered with bad advice on most things, especially from people that want to sell you stuff by promising fantasies. 

Although a good teacher certainly has massive value, learning guitar by yourself can also be fun and effective. Here, we’re going to give you the tools you need to set you on the right path. Without further ado, here is how to play guitar without a teacher.  

Constant practice

In order to learn an instrument you need to practice diligently. You should aim to do focused practice everyday, even if it’s for a few minutes. The best way to do this is by picking a time of the day and a place where you can be deliberate about improving on the guitar. 

Naturally, the more you practice, the faster your progress will be. Keep in mind that you must start with a few minutes a day, and gradually increase the time. This is to avoid injury and unnecessary frustration. 

Roadie Coach

Our own Roadie Coach is a fantastic tool to learn guitar without a teacher. It features a high-quality recorder combined with the Roadie Coach app that will track your progress effectively. With Coach, you can learn to play your favorite songs on a step-by-step approach, slowly until you can perform the original tracks in full. From chord transition to rhythm exercises, this comprehensive tool can be your main aid to learn how to play guitar, giving you feedback every step of the way.

Your goal

Be clear about what your goal is on guitar. Do you want to learn how to play the blues? Then you will need to learn and work on the blues scale, the blues form, and blues licks. Perhaps you want to learn a few classic rock songs to join the local cover band? Then you’ll need to work on power chords, and learn the songs section by section. 

Or maybe you just want to learn your favorite songs and have fun. Then strumming patterns, chords, and changing chords is a great place to start. Regardless of what you want to learn, a goal gives you clear direction and will dictate what you work on.


The value of patience cannot be overstated. Learning guitar takes work and dedication and does not happen overnight. Even some of the greatest guitarists today still work every day on their skills. It takes time to get your brain, fingers, and hands to where they need to be. But it is well worth it if you love it. 

It is possible to learn to play the guitar without a teacher. As a matter of fact, some of the greatest guitarists like Jimi Hendrix were self-taught for most of their life. Remember although it is possible, that does not mean it’s easy. So get ready for the journey, take the time, work hard and most of all, have fun.