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Guide to Alternate Tunings

Harnessing alternate tunings can unlock a whole new world of potential for your guitar playing and songwriting. But, before you can do that, you need to understand what alternate tunings are, and how they work. That’s why we wrote this short guide: a comprehensive overview of alternate tunings for any aspiring guitarist.

With this guide you will learn all about:

If I didn't have all these tunings, my songwriting would have dried up years ago.

Mark Tremonti

When you're playing in standard tuning all the time, you're sounding pretty...standard.

Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth

Once I got the open tunings for some reason, I began to get the harmonic sophistication that
I heard that my musical fountain inside was excited by.

Joni Mitchell

Tunings are a strange thing. They take you to musical areas that are not supposed to exist.

Keith Richards

DADGAD is my CIA tuning.

Jimmy Page