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Band Industries is dedicated to building the next generation musician’s toolkit. The original Roadie Tuner garnered worldwide attention and accolades, including the TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 Audience Choice Award. The company is now reaching their next milestone with Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass and continues to enrich the lives of musicians through technology.

Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2018 Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2018


Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2017 Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2017


Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2016 Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2016


Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2014 Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2014


Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2013 Roadie Tuner Press Kit-2013


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Roadie Tuner-TechInsider quotes

The Roadie is nicely built, highly accurate and easy to use

Roadie Tuner-Engadget quotes

The Roadie 2 gives you no excuse for an out-of-tune guitar.

Roadie Tuner-Digital Trends quotes

This innovative Kickstarter project offers the high-tech solution you’re looking for.

Roadie Tuner-The Verge quotes

Now Roadie is back for round two, and this time its leaving...

Roadie Tuner-TechInsider quotes

This gadget rotates your guitar pegs for you to get the perfect tune.

Roadie Tuner-TechCrunch quotes

With something like Roadie you can start strumming again immediately.

Roadie Tuner-New Atlas quotes

Tuning is said to take as little as 30 seconds.

Roadie Tuner-Guitar quotes

New Roadie 2 automatic guitar tuner works without a smartphone.

Roadie Tuner-TechCrunch quotes

The Roadie is nicely built, highly accurate, and easy to use.

Roadie Tuner-Cnet quotes

I’m going to let my Roadie take care of this.

Roadie Tuner-Gigazine quotes

New Roadie 2 automatic guitar tuner works without a smartphone.

Roadie Tuner-PC quotes

This neat little gizmo automatically turns your instrument’s tuning...

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The concept is fantastic. I actually play 12 string guitars; do you know how bloody difficult it is to keep a 12 string in tune? Spike Edney - Queen

Roadie Tuner Review-Spike Edney

This thing can definitely get you right on money. I'm a fan! CJ Pierce - Drowning Pool

Roadie Tuner Review-CJ Pierce

Double quotes It can operate without the smartphone, but with the smartphone it's even more intelligent. I really love it, I think this is the stuff. Mark Farner - Grand Funk Railroad

Roadie Tuner Review-Mark Farner

Double quotes If you had a device that would take away any fear factor or just make it really easy for you to hit it in tune quickly, that'd be a sweet thing! Roger Fisher - Heart

Roadie Tuner Review-Roger Fisher

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