A Powerful, Portable Recorder

Roadie Coach is a revolutionary way to capture your creative spark when it strikes! Simply attach Coach to your instrument and tap the record button any time you feel inspired. This smartly designed device allows you to save and auto-catalog your practice sessions then listen or edit them the way you like!

Standard Microphone

  • Used for recording vocals

Touch Surface Interface

  • Two touch surfaces and LED strips for an easy user interface

Contact Microphone

  • Records the sound of your instrument through vibration detection

USB Port

  • Access recordings through USB
  • Re-chargeable battery with a battery life of up to 10hrs

Clamping Mechanism

  • Soft pads for protection when attaching to your instrument
  • Comes with replaceable clamp sizes for compatibility across an array of instruments

A Sophisticated, Yet Simple Way to
Keep Track of Your Recordings

With Roadie Coach, easily customize the sampling rate of your recordings or even record compressed audio.

Roadie Coach uses audio matching algorithms to detect when you have played a song you are working on and intelligently stores the recording with the others like it. This lets you look through your play history of any given track and hear how you have progressed over time. Coach is a super satisfying way to experience your own musical progress.

Record & Store All Your Performances

Coach is the perfect portable recorder for your kit bag. It will capture and save all your performances and practice sessions in their utmost quality.

Connectivity & File Management

Coach is a WiFi and Bluetooth connected recorder that allows you to access recordings from a laptop or phone without having to plug it in usb.

High-Quality Multi-Track Recording

Coach is equipped with a sleek contact mic and an extremely capable microphone to capture both your voice and instrument at the same time.

Visualize And Interact
With Your Music

Coach is equipped with an intuitive LED touch interface so you can clearly visualize and control interesting elements of your playing. Two touch sliders allow on-instrument interaction with audio apps and your DAW.

MIDI Control Made Easy

Coach has a Bluetooth radio built in, which enables it to interact with other devices and computers via MIDI. This means the two touch surfaces and buttons will both be accessible and visible to your DAW or audio app. You can assign these surfaces as MIDI inputs to control whatever tool or parameter your creativity demands. You could even play a synth note or two!
There is a HUGE world of amazing effects and tools musicians have access to via plugins and apps. Coach lets these become a seamless part of your live performance rather than an afterthought applied in post. Just one more way Coach can make your music exploration intuitive and immediate.

Tech Specs

WAV 48 kHz, 16-bit, 2 channels
OPUS encoding @ 64’000 bitrate
Mic: Omni, SNR 66 dbA, AOP 128db SPL
Gain control touch surfaces and mute for each input
1x 3.5mm output jack TRS (2CH)
1x 3.5mm input jack TRS (2CH)
Internal 8GB embedded flash memory storage accessible via USB and wirelessly through Wifi
3.7V LiPo 1000 mAh
Up to 10 hours recording on a single charge
USBC rechargeable (cable included)
Implements A2DP, HFP, BLE Midi and custom BLE profiles
802.11 b/g/n
Network Provisioning via BLE or Access Point
Three clamping arms with different sizes that can fit instrument thickness between 1.46 and 5 inches (37 and 127mm). These include acoustic guitars down to slim electric guitars and ukuleles
2.3 x 1.5 x 0.98 inches (60 x 40 x 25 mm)
3.5 ounces (100 grams)

Receive personalized, visual insights
on your practice

Everyone loves to feel a sense of accomplishment when learning. In music, there are MANY of these opportunities. We focus on them in the insights section of the app, where you see graphs and useful metrics that encourage you to keep going. This is also where you can dive into the metrics of recorded performances to see how your skills evolve over time.
Weekly Streak Overview Playtime Overview Yearly Streak Overview Comparison To Last Month
Roadie is also a fantastic educational tool for those wanting to learn guitar, ukulele, vocals or improve skills in both! click here to learn more
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