Coach Attaches To Your Instrument
And Makes It Smarter

Coach teaches you songs through interactive play. It records and stores all your play sessions in high quality and gives you access to deep insights. Coach also lets you send Bluetooth MIDI commands to your DAW or other audio apps.

Learn To Play

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar





Learning music is a rewarding experience but it can feel pretty difficult to get good at. The Roadie Coach hardware compound with the app is all you need to learn how to play, track and measure your progress. The Coach solution is built by our team of brilliant engineers, experienced musicians and music teachers to help you achieve your music learning goals faster.

Play At Your Own Pace
But Progress Fast

Coach will help you learn to play your favorite songs step by step until you can perform the original ones in full. Play and watch your musical skills grow much faster than you thought.

How It Works

Roadie Coach easily attaches to your instrument of choice. You can use it with electric, acoustic and classical guitars as well as ukuleles, or for singing. The built-in mics record everything you play so you can get feedback on your performance.
1 Attach Roadie Coach r

Attach Roadie Coach

2 Hit The Record Button

Play Interactively With
The App

3 Start Playing With The App

Get Feedback On Your

All Your Recorded
Sessions Are Instantly

For every play session, the Roadie Coach app gives you critical visual feedback as well as tips and exercises to improve your technique and skills.

Why Does The Coach Solution
Work So Well?

Follow A Clear Learning Path

With simple visuals, a step-by-step approach and the ability to play at different speeds, you'll have a clear path forward to master every song.

Choose from a Huge Library of Songs

Access to a library of over hundreds of songs from all music genres including pop, rock, indie & more.

Sing & Play At The Same Time

When learning to sing and play at the same time, Coach will carefully listen to both your voice and instrument and give you feedback on each.

Roadie Coach

Get Specific Training Exercises

Is a chord transition giving you trouble? Does your rhythm need work? Coach is there to help you improve your weak points and celebrate your achievements.

An Immersive Experience

Coach will teach you both chords and tabs. Easily transpose songs so it is more comfortable for you and play along a backing track to make your practice more real.

Easily Share With Others

Coach can provide a data feed to your fellow musicians or teacher, giving them a closer look at your musical journey and progress.

Access Your Performance Metrics

As you work to perfect your skills, imagine having access to your full practice history and performance metrics for all your recorded sessions.
Yearly Streak Overview Insights Graph Achievement Comparison To Last Month Transition to Improve Top 5 Most Practiced Songs

Roadie Coach Is Also
A Powerful Recorder

You can just attach it to your instrument and anytime you feel inspired to record, just tap the recording button. This way you can save your musical ideas, practice and jam sessions and listen to them again or edit them and mix them the way you like. Learn more about the recorder abilities of Roadie Coach

Record & Store All Your Performances

Coach is the perfect portable recorder for your kit bag. It will capture and save all your performances and practice sessions in their utmost quality.

High-Quality Multi-Track Recording

Coach is equipped with a sleek contact mic and an extremely capable microphone to capture both your voice and instrument at the same time.

Connectivity & File Management

Coach is a WiFi and Bluetooth connected recorder that allows you to access recordings from a laptop or phone without having to plug it in usb.

Piezo Pickup And Micro Amp

Use Coach to practice electric guitar silently. You can also plug it into your amp and use it as a high quality contact mic to record your live performances.

Automatically Organizes All Your Recordings

Roadie Coach uses audio matching algorithms to detect when you have played a particular song and intelligently stores the recording with the others like it.

MIDI Control Made Easy

Coach has a Bluetooth radio built in, which enables it to interact with other devices and computers via MIDI. You can assign the two touch surfaces as MIDI inputs to control whatever tool or parameter your creativity demands.

Tech Specs

WAV 48 kHz, 16-bit, 2 channels
OPUS encoding @ 64’000 bitrate
Mic: Omni, SNR 66 dbA, AOP 128db SPL
Gain control touch surfaces and mute for each input
1x 3.5mm output jack TRS (2CH)
1x 3.5mm input jack TRS (2CH)
Internal 8GB embedded flash memory storage accessible via USB and wirelessly through Wifi
3.7V LiPo 1000 mAh
Up to 10 hours recording on a single charge
USBC rechargeable (cable included)
Implements A2DP, HFP, BLE Midi and custom BLE profiles
802.11 b/g/n
Network Provisioning via BLE or Access Point
Three clamping arms with different sizes that can fit instrument thickness between 1.46 and 5 inches (37 and 127mm). These include acoustic guitars down to slim electric guitars and ukuleles
2.3 x 1.5 x 0.98 inches (60 x 40 x 25 mm)
3.5 ounces (100 grams)
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