Drop G Tuning

Drop G offers a heavy tonal flavor for those who wish to explore dark and melancholic music on the 7-string. The tuning is simple to obtain. The standard 7 string guitar tuning is similar to the standard six-string, with B being the additional note on the top string. So in Drop G, you get G D G C F A D.
G1 D2 G2 C3 F3 A3 D4

Fun Fact

Drop G is a popular tuning with the bands that make dark music. A few prominent ones who used this are Periphery, Whitechapel, and Pantera. Elitist Ones by Whitechapel was composed using Drop G.

5 Songs to Play

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The Wretchdness Inside

by Trivium

red-icon 2


by White Chapel

red-icon 3

Icarus Lives!

by Periphery

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Easy Djent Riffs you can learn!

by The White Stripes

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Elitist Ones

by WhiteChapel

This Tuning Is Available In

Roadie 3

Roadie 3

Did You Know

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