Open C Tuning

C major is probably the first chord that many guitarists learn. With Open C tuning, your guitar will naturally play the C chord without you having to touch any string. All you have to do is to tune the Low E to C, A to G, D to C, and B to C. The high E and G string remain the same. This unique arrangement gives an awesome and wholesome tone that’s pleasant to the ears.
C2 G2 C3 G3 C4 E4

Fun Fact

This is one tuning that’s more on the creative side and is definitely something for songwriters to experiment with.

5 Songs to Play

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by John Butler

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Burden in My Hand

by Soundgarden

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You Are Not Alone

by Michael Jackson

red-icon 4

Pretty Noose

by Soundgarden

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by Bruce Cockburn

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Skinny Love

by Bon Iver

This Tuning Is Available In

Roadie Bass

Roadie Bass

Roadie 2

Roadie 2

Roadie 3

Roadie 3

Did You Know

With the Roadie Tuner, your set-list is sure to flow naturally. It comes with an extensive index of 150+ built-in tunings so you don't need to worry about switching between different alternate tunings and keeping track of your custom ones. All you need to do is select your tuning of choice, place Roadie on the peg and watch it automatically tune your instrument for you in just seconds.

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