Learn songs step by step

Progress by completing and unlocking all the levels of your first song. The app will then move you on to harder songs.

Discover and master chords

Learn how to read chords and position your fingers on the fretboard. The app will listen to you strum the chords of the song and give you instant feedback.

Practice your strumming

Learn the strum pattern for each song. The app will let you practice slow at first and gradually lead you to perform the original song with its original tempo.

Learn to tune your ukulele

Use the tuning tool to get your ukulele in tune before playing. By doing this often, your ear learns to recognize the correct pitch for each.

Get feedback and scores

Ukulele by Roadie will give you instant feedback, playing tips and tutorials to guide you. Get your score at the end of each level to track your progress.

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This is a good app it has lots of songs and I am getting better and better I just keep practicing until I am a pro love this app ❤️


Extremely easy to use and follow! Love the lessons and the step by step progression!


i can’t believe i found such a good app I like the learning approach the app takes as a beginner it’s easier to follow than other apps.


This app has blown me away! I 𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴 𝙸𝚃❣︎ For about a year I have been trying to learn the ukulele, I have tried multiple approaches.

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