How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage in the Music Business

by Frederik Nielsen, Mar 5, 2019 . 4 min read

How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage in the Music Business

Age ain’t nothing but a number, or so the saying goes. Then how come every new rock star seems straight out of high school? If you have dreams of making it in the music business, then the inevitable passing of time can seem discouraging.

That said, there are two sides to every coin.

Younger musicians may have the benefit of time and energy, but they’re often broke and inexperienced. Older musicians may lack in the department of youthful vigor, but can easily compensate with experience and funds.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each, and then see how you can use your age to your advantage.

The Advantages of Being a Young Musician

There are many advantages to being young, which is why youth is so revered in our culture.

Some of the benefits of being a young musician are:

The Disadvantages of Being a Young Musician

Although being young comes with many advantages, many of them are dire necessities when considering the disadvantages.

Some of the downsides of being a young musician are:

The Advantages of Being an Older Musician

After your vanity takes a hit from the emerging wrinkles and grey hairs, you’ll discover that what used to hold you back no longer does.

Some of the benefits of being an older musician are:

The Disadvantages of Being an Older Musician

Unsurprisingly, many of the advantages you enjoyed in your youth are now disadvantages.

Some of the downsides of being an older musician are:

How to use your age to your advantage

Regardless of what stage you’re at, the secret to unlocking your potential is to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Money is a big issue in music. It costs money to buy equipment, hire rehearsal rooms, book travel and accommodation, invest in merchandise and online promotion, and so on. Older musicians can better afford to cover all these expenses, whereas younger musicians have the time and energy to save up for them. Time is also an essential component of success in music. It takes time to learn an instrument, gel with a band, and make connections in the industry. Younger musicians enjoy the benefit of having a lot of time on their hands, but that time needs to be invested properly. Older musicians will already know their instrument and have some connections to draw on.

The point is to put things in perspective and be mindful of how your age can either help or hinder your ambitions.

What are your experiences? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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