We’re kicking off the new year with another Roadie! But this time it won’t be a tuner… We’re launching the world’s first Smart Personal Music Tutor on Kickstarter Today! Our brilliant team has been quietly working on this brand new device that will “make learning music more accessible, simpler and much more exciting for people!” – as Chief Technology Officer Bassam Jalgha said. The cool part is that Coach does this and so much more.


This seamless combination of a multi-track recorder, a personal music tutor, and a BLE MIDI controller can accelerate the learning process for any musician on their way to mastery. Simply attach Roadie Coach to the body of your acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and Ukulele or just hold it and sing! Congrats, you’re now ready to take on any challenges you encounter on your musical journey!


The Roadie Coach education platform helps you learn your favorite songs, one step at a time and at your own pace. Learn a huge and ever-growing library of tracks from artists you love and receive customized insight and feedback into your playing as you go. Start at a slower speed first in order to get comfortable until you are able to play the song closer to normal speed. This lets you have fun and play in your comfort zone.

Coach will show you how to read both chords and tabs and how to position your fingers. Chords are normally used for accompaniment and tabs are for melodies and solos. On the Coach platform, you will learn both. You can transpose a song from one key to another so it is more comfortable for you to play or sing and every song in the Coach library has a backing track you can play along with in order to give you a more immersive experience when practicing.

While you play, Coach will analyze your performances and give you instant feedback on your playing via the app. The feedback is not only personalized and tailored to each person’s skill level but also extremely detailed. For example, Coach will notice specific areas that need improvement and recommend appropriate exercises for each one of them.

You can even learn to sing and play at the same time (a skill most beginners struggle with) by recording and analyzing both your voice and the sound of the instrument at the same time. Coach makes this possible using separate and specialized microphones. It truly makes the whole learning process easier and a lot more enjoyable.


Coach is equipped with an intuitive LED touch interface so you can clearly visualize and control interesting elements of your playing. Two touch sliders on Coach allow on-instrument interaction with audio apps and your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) via MIDI. Effortlessly bring in an effect you are playing with, dial in the volume of the backing track from across the room or just bring down your own levels when you see a clip on Coach’s VU meter.


We also packed a TON of cool stuff into Coach for our more experienced and adventurous users. Here’s how Roadie Coach will help you take your musical journey in cool new directions:

  • Record and save all your musical ideas and jam sessions using its 2 high-quality mics (one contact, one standard)
  • Recordings will be automatically organized for you on the Roadie Coach mobile app
  • Acts as a MIDI controller and allows you to customize the touch slider functionality 
  • Import your files into your phone, computer, and even into your favorite DAW software like Cubase, Ableton…
  • Two 3.5mm jacks: Input for your electric guitar or external microphone and output for a headphone or line out so you can do a soundcheck or playback your recordings
  • Use Coach as a contact mic for your live performances.
  • Have access to your full practice history and important metrics like total playtime, yearly streak, and more…
  • Coach can act as a microamp so you can practice electric guitar silently

Roadie Coach is truly an exceptional piece of hardware that ticks a lot of boxes! It is a robust platform and we have a lot of development planned for it. For the full list of features and more information, dig into our product page HERE!


The device has the potential to delight the music scene just as the Roadie Tuners did. I bet you can see why we’re so pumped about this year’s launch on Kickstarter. In 2020, Roadie 3 raised over 400K on crowdfunding platforms and was featured as Project We Love almost immediately. We have unshakeable confidence that Roadie Coach will exceed our expectations today because of our wonderful Kickstarter peeps and user community. We know you guys are always searching for the next-gen, most innovative technologies out there and we feel like this should truly fit the bill.

This launch will be the only chance for you to get Roadie Coach at the biggest discount ever. Head over to the Kickstarter page to claim your deal NOW!


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Wish us luck!