Roadie Tuner – The Reviews

by Alain Abou Atmeh, Mar 14, 2017 . 6 min read

Roadie Tuner – The Reviews

The first thing we look for before purchasing any product are the online reviews.

We’ve gathered 7 awesome Roadie tuner reviews from websites and customers for you to check out!

Guitar World:

Roadie is sleek, easy to use and, most importantly, extremely accurate
Switching between different tunings is a huge pain in the ass. For intermediate to advanced players, this is where Roadie comes in most handy.

Gear Review: The Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner


Musicians Friend:

Roadie tuner Rocks!
I am absolutely happy with it! The tuning quality is great, alternate tunings are all correct and easy to use, it even works on my 7 strings Ibanez. Setting up whole-step-down tuning was insanely easy, starting from Standard, setup a custom tuning and take each note one step down. The steps were clear and easy to follow, and I didn’t run into any issues or errors. I HIGHLY recommend this product. I’ve been raving about it to all my guitarist friends!! Not to mention, you can download the app and check it out before you even buy it so you can see how it works. Love it!! Very happy I finally bought this. – By BrittneyM
from Delcambre, LA


It makes it FUN to tune your guitar(s) – By joe from Illinois

Roadie Tuner Automatic Guitar Tuner – Reviews



The Roadie earns its keep by taking the guesswork out of using alternate tunings and gets the job done quickly and accurately. I love that you can create profiles and custom tunings for each guitar, and the Wind/Unwind feature is a great timesaver.

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner



For someone who can’t tune by ear it is a godsend

Hands On With The Amazing Roadie Tuner



Wonderful product for the vision impaired.
By misty on September 23, 2015

I purchased this for my husband who is legally blind to help him tune his guitars. It took some time messing with the controls and looking at the tutorial on the Roadie website to get it going. Once we got going, I don’t know which one of us was happier. What an amazing little invention, where do I start to sing my Praises.
1. You can add multiple guitars to the app. Name each one and calibrate it.
2. Hold on to your Roadie, once he starts tuning, he twists and turns.
3. This is not a long process to calibrate it. Once it beeps, you are done and can move on to the next guitar.
4. The app lets you save info about the guitar, like when it was restrung last and keeps track of their condition. (With 8 guitars in the house, its going to pay for itself in strings)

We did have trouble with the cord to hook it into your phone for electric guitars. I am not sure if we have a fluke, if it was the phone, or operator error. However, it was very easy for him to just put the phone on his knee, pluck, and listen for the beep. Just in case the Roadie people read this, the only thing I would change, is the ability to adjust the font on the app. I am so pleased with how easy it is and my hubs is tickled pink, since he has so much trouble reading other tuners.


The Killer Feature: Cents.
By Nathan Reeves on December 7, 2016

Here’s what I love most about the Roadie, as I rely on it for on-the-money tuning in my church music job…..custom tunings. Now, I don’t mean established alternate tunings like Drop D or DADGAD, though it’ll do that, and it’s sure useful. But I mean custom specification for each string pitch, down to the CENT.

A while back, I saw a wonderful tutorial by James Taylor, explaining how he handled his tuning through frequent capo changes during his shows. You can search Youtube for “Bonus Lesson: Tuning”, and his lesson will be the top result. In short, he detunes each of his guitar strings by a few specific cents as a way of achieving a sort of equal temperament compromise. He came to this realization over the years, during his long career.

The problem, when I saw this, is that I wanted to do that for my own tuning….but I couldn’t find a pedal tuner that was precise to the cent. There’s a “10 cents” indicator on most tuners, but that’s not close enough; I found an Android app called UltraTuner that did individual cents, but it was so jumpy as to be unusable with the precision I needed. Short of yet another standalone tuner purchase, of the kind Taylor was using for his demonstration, I couldn’t find a solution.

Until Roadie. In fact, Roadie is a better solution for the custom tuning than even the tuner James Taylor used for his demonstration! With Roadie, I programmed in James Taylor’s advice for the perfect compromise tuning: E -3, B -6, G -4, D -8, A -10, and E -12. The app lets me dial that in exactly beforehand, save the profile, and then assign it as the default tuning for as many guitars as I want.

Then it just does it for me, without me having to think about which number I’m aiming for on which string, and trying to guess “close enough”. If Roadie hiccups occasionally on a harmonic and doesn’t get a string right on, I just tune the string again briefly, and it always cleans it up. A slow strum after each Roadie tune will confirm if it’s spot-on, or if an anomaly made it so you have to quickly redo a string to get it perfectly exact.

Roadie is user-friendly, it’s full-featured, it’s exact, and it’s better than any non-custom tuning with a manual device…..I’ll no longer leave home without it!


I’ve had issues tuning my two guitars (I have a nice acoustic and a used electric guitar) and its been …
By MrSteveG on October 30, 2015

I am not a musician but I’m learning to play the guitar. I’ve had issues tuning my two guitars (I have a nice acoustic and a used electric guitar) and its been frustrating. This device worked perfectly right out of the box. I was able to quickly tune my acoustic guitar easily and its never sounded so good. The iPhone App works great and easily connected to the Roadie Tuner. I was able to easily set up the profiles for the two guitars quickly with no problems. Overall I really like the Roadie Tuner and it exceeded all my expectations.


You can also check out this awesome video review by Guitar Adventures:

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