Uses for Your Old Guitar

Why would you look for uses for your old guitar? Surely it looks nice in and of itself? Well, as a guitarist, chances are that you’ll accumulate a lot of gear over the span of your career.

But what happens when your significant other complains that there isn’t enough room in the house for furniture and decorations due to your incessant hoarding? 

Time to look at uses for your old guitar, which is just sitting there collecting dust and disturbing the peace in your household (which is, admittedly, still rock’n’roll).

10 Uses for Your Old Guitar: How to Turn Your Old Guitar Into a DIY Piece of Furniture

Turns out there are many ways to turn your old guitar into a DIY piece of furniture or home decoration. So that’s what we’re going to look at right now.

1. Birdhouse

First up is a birdhouse. It seems obvious with the soundhole and all, right? You might want to remove the strings so it can actually be used as a door. 

2. Planters

A less rock’n’ roll, but still aesthetically pleasing option is to turn your old guitar into a planter. Or why not turn it into a herb garden? Certain herbs are very rock’n’roll. 

3. Lamps

A guitar lamp is basically two in one. You’ll not only get an awesome piece of decorative furniture but it can also shine an ominous light on those of your guitars that are still alive. 

4. Suitcases

The old guitar suitcase is a subtle way of displaying your superiority over other hipsters by showing how committed you are. Just don’t let any airport staff handle it. 

5. Hangers

We’re only halfway through the list, so take your jacket off and roll up your sleeves. Hang the jacket on one of your old guitars and get to work. 

6. Tables

Now we’re getting down to business. Time to replace all the furniture in your house, such as your tables, with old guitars.

7. Chairs

You’ve got the table but no chairs. Where will your guests sit? Why, on your other old guitars, of course. 

8. Wine Racks

Table and chairs are sorted but where do you store the wine for your dinner party? You guessed it: right inside your old guitar.

9. Shelves

You’ve already saved yourself a lot of room but there’s still more optimizing to be done. Turn those old guitars into shelves for your other music gear.

10. Dollhouses

Still have some old guitars left? Maybe now’s the time to think of the children. Turn an old guitar into a dollhouse and make the dollhouse furniture out of old guitars for extra points. 

How Will You Repurpose Your Old Guitar?

There you have it: 10 uses for your old guitar. Why not turn your old guitar into a DIY piece of furniture while you’re in lockdown anyway? Get your decoration on, people.