We’re Launching Roadie 3 on Kickstarter Soon!

by Tamara Habchi, Apr 23, 2020 . 4 min read

We’re Launching Roadie 3 on Kickstarter Soon!

We know you love the Roadie music blog. And maybe that’s all you know us for? But this time we’re here to share more than just great new content.

We’re working on a new kickass product and we’ve been dying to share the deets with you!

Here’s a sneak peek 

Roadie 3 is launching on Kickstarter in May 2020 and we’ve packed this next-gen automatic tuner with the features most requested by our Roadie 2 backers and users. So without further ado, take a read through what the Roadie team has been working so hard on.  

Roadie 3 – An Automatic Tuner That Solves All Your Tuning Needs

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Why Kickstarter for Roadie?

Now, I know some of your fellow musicians  might be thinking – “How can I get my hands on this bad boy?”

Well, Roadie 3 will initially be launching through Kickstarter – a global crowdfunding platform focused on innovation before it is made available to the wider public.

In 2017, we launched the Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass automatic guitar tuners on Kickstarter and smashed our goal raising more than half a million dollars! (Not that we love to brag or anything, but… it was the most funded music accessory in the history of crowdfunding!) 

The Kickstarter community is bursting with curious, passionate, and progressive musicians who are always ready to explore new products and tuning methods. When we share our designs, features, and progress with the Kickstarter backers, we get perspective far greater than the sum of our own. This is the best way we have found to create something that will be impactful for a great many musicians.

In 2020, we are relying on your help to reach new heights in music gear innovation. Our team has never been more ready to deliver something next level, and so, we are once again asking for your passion, critique, and pledge in order to help us bring Roadie 3 to life.

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We need your help!

You can actually make a HUGE difference by telling as many musicians (and friends of musicians) as possible. Please share on Facebook and Twitter or forward our link to anyone who you think may be interested. We want to grow the word of mouth presence of Roadie 3 as we prepare for a strong campaign to brighten up everyone’s summer. 

Stay tuned for more updates closer to launch!

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Take advantage of our biggest backer-exclusive discounts and get your hands on this next-generation automatic tuner. Back the Kickstarter campaign today and be the first to receive the Roadie 3.

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