6 Instruments That Are Easy To Learn For Guitar Players

by Rodrigo Sanchez, Mar 5, 2021 . 4 min read

6 Instruments That Are Easy To Learn For Guitar Players

Today we’re going to talk about 6 instruments that are easy to learn for guitar players. Most of these are stringed instruments that feature a string arrangement somewhat similar to a guitar.

Another similarity is that most of them also involve picking and strumming with the right hand. You might have to rediscover the appropriate pressure to apply to each of the strings in the other instruments, but your experience with the guitar will certainly help in this aspect as well. Please understand that these instruments, like anything else, will be easy to play only if you practice. Here are the 6 instruments that are easy to learn for guitar players.


The Ukulele is the most obvious choice for an easy instrument for guitar players. It has experienced a massive surge in popularity, which also means unlimited resources to learn the uke. The ukulele is small, has only four nylon strings, and is easy to play. The string arrangement on the concert ukulele (the most popular) is G C E A. It features its own set of positions and chords, and you can learn these and much more in our very own ukulele app


The bass features the same exact string arrangement at the guitar’s bottom four strings. In other words, the notes are exactly the same. Despite this fact, the bass will take a bit more time to master for a guitar player. This is not only because of its comparatively much thicker strings, but also because the bass has an anchor role in music. If the bass is not right, everything else falls apart in the band. Trust me, as a guitarist hired to play bass a few times, I found that out the hard way. 


The banjo is a great instrument for guitar players to learn, and easier than the bass. It can be used to add that folk flavor to your recordings or gigs. As a matter of fact, many session guitarists can also play the banjo and have that as a weapon to add that specific color whenever needed. A few musicians have taken the banjo to a whole new level of fame, most notably Béla Fleck


Ok, don’t freak out yet. Technically, the piano is a stringed instrument like the others on this list. I’m not trying to be a smart alec, let me explain. The piano is THE INSTRUMENT that will take your musicianship to another level. It is the king of all instruments and the best source for understanding harmony in music. And if you put in some effort, chances are you will also have fun playing some songs on the piano and discovering music in another way. 


The mandolin has been used quite a bit in rock and pop music. One of the best examples is the 90’s rock anthem “Losing my religion” by REM. This classic song features the mandolin from the very beginning in one of those rock intros that has become legendary by itself. Even though the mandolin has eight strings, you can approach it as if it was just four. This is because it features four strings that are doubled. If you have ever played a 12 string guitar, then you know what I’m talking about. 

Appalachian dulcimer

For those that want a more atypical choice, try the Appalachian dulcimer. It features only three or four strings and can certainly add that special something to your tonal palette. It does not have a standard tuning like all the other instruments on this list. This means you will have to spend some time discovering which tunings work best for you. If that sounds like a beautiful way to spend your time, then the Appalachian dulcimer is for you.

All of these 6 instruments that are easy to play for guitar players offer something unique. Like any instrument, you have to find which one you connect with the best. Or you could even learn to play them all if you are dedicated enough. Each instrument can open up new possibilities in music and your own personal expression

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