12 string guitar

Today we bring you the 7 best 12-string guitars on the market. Many guitarists are always searching for tools to expand their options and sounds.

Leaving pedals and new guitars aside, a 12-string guitar can seriously boost your tonal palette. 

These instruments were quite popular, particularly in folk music and 60’s rock, and still, have appeal today. A 12-string guitar is also very useful for trying new sounds and textures. Beware of GAS, as these guitars may inspire you to try new pedals and other tools to increase your sonic options. Be sure to check out Roadie Coach, as it offers MIDI connectivity and a vast series of resources to help you improve as a musician. 

Without further ado here are the 7 best 12-string guitars.

Martin D-X2E 12-String Guitar

Martin is one of the most revered names in acoustic guitars. It is only natural that they make a great 12-string guitar as well. This guitar provides you with true Martin quality and craftsmanship, but at an affordable price.

Simply said, the D-X2E 12 String offers you an incredible cost-benefit relationship. This dreadnought-sized model features a Sitka spruce top and figured mahogany back and sides.

It is very comfortable to play thanks to its low-profile neck.

This guitar is equipped with a Fishman® MX preamp system so you can simply plug it into a mixer or PA and be ready for the stage.

D’Angelico Premier Fulton LS

This Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar comes with a smaller, 16-inch-wide mahogany body. This wood is known for providing a great tone that delivers powerful bass and a glossy high end.

All of this comes with the tradition of a company that started by offering handcrafted acoustics for New York’s jazz players and became one of the most respected guitar makers. 

The neck on this 12-string guitar features a player-friendly slim “C”-shape and its contours are matched to the natural curvature of your hand for maximum comfort. 

This guitar comes gig-ready with a D’Angelico MG-30 Preamp/Tuner for amplified acoustic tone and is an excellent choice for any guitarist.

Taylor 210ce 12-String Guitar

Taylor is one of the top acoustic guitar brands and this guitar is further proof of that. This 12-string offers a sound that is sure to breathe new life into your songs, chords, and leads. 

It will also be a fantastic choice for songwriters looking for something to inspire new textures for different songs. 

This 12-string features a comfortable Grand Auditorium body style that projects well at a reduced size. The sound is also projected via the layered Indian rosewood with Sitka spruce materials on the body.

For playing live, this guitar comes with preinstalled ES2 electronics for a natural acoustic tone when plugged directly into the house PA or mixer.


The Fender Villager V3 has been one of the most popular 12-string guitars since it was first introduced in 1965. It comes with all the prestige that the Fender company is known for, and is still one of the top 12 strings today. 

The Villager is an amazing instrument at an excellent price point that continues to motivate players of different styles, 50 years later.

This affordable 12-string guitar not only sounds fine but features a unique appearance that will certainly create a strong impression on stage or the studio.

The Villager 12-string is comfortable, stable, with a warm and projecting sound, and can be used by anybody, whether beginner or seasoned pro.

It features a solid spruce top, mahogany slim C-shaped neck, and walnut fingerboard.

The current version is gig-ready, with a pre-installed Fishman Presys pickup system that delivers a great amplified tone.

Guild F-2512E 12-String Guitar

The Guild F-2512E features an arched-back jumbo body, for a rich 12-string sound. Add to that a vintage-inspired look and great price and you have one of the best 12-strings on the market. 

This guitar is also lighter and louder than comparable guitars, which will be quite helpful for long gigs. 

It features a solid construction with great attention to detail with a solid Sitka spruce top and laminated maple on the back and sides.

This Guild guitar pays tribute to the company’s golden-era flat tops with its arched jumbo body and vintage characteristics.

In short, a nice 12-string that feels and sounds great.

Ibanez AEG5012

The Ibanez AEG5012 has everything that we could expect from a guitar. It is comfortable with great playability and offers a fantastic amplified tone.

The wood combination on this guitar is Spruce top with Okoume back and sides, for full and projecting sound across its range.  

For live performance involving a mixer or PA, the Ibanez T-Bar II features an undersaddle pickup that captures the nuance of your playing as well as your hand hits and bass drum-like tones, adding to the versatility of this 12-string guitar. 

With a gloss polyurethane finish and chrome die-cast tuning machines, this 12-string guitar is a great buy.

Luna Art Vintage 12-String Guitar

This guitar features a worn satin finish as well as vintage-styled characteristics. This gives the Luna Art Vintage Dreadnought Cutaway a nostalgic look to match its dark tone and response.

Although Luna Guitars is a new name in the guitar-making business, they have stood out in recent years with fantastic guitars and ukuleles. 

This single-cut dreadnought 12-string guitar features a mahogany body with a spruce top and a comfortable C-profile mahogany neck. On top of that, you get a Pau Ferro fingerboard, for added comfort.

The Luna Art Vintage also features a Fishman Presys II pickup system for connecting to an amplifier or directly to the PA system.

In short, a great option for a 12-string guitar from a relatively new name in the market.

This list of the 7 best 12-string guitars features models from different brands, and at least one will fit your taste. After all, it all boils down to connecting with the instrument that you are going to use. Naturally, once you have your new 12-string guitar, remember that practice makes perfect, so keep at it. Have fun!

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