The violin’s classical reputation precedes it. However, it’s an instrument that is more versatile than you may have initially thought! Especially when talking about the electric violin. Just pick a random hit song, look it up on YouTube, and you’ll find an electric violin cover of it in a matter of seconds. You can find everything from Nirvana and RHCP to DJ Khaled and Juice WRLD. There’s a ton of famous songs that feature the electric violin.

While most of these covers are admittedly pretty great, creating an original song can be much more fun for both the musician and the listener. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most interesting pop songs featuring electric violin.

1. ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) – Do Ya

If you’re an aspiring electric violinist looking for inspiration, then look no further than Electric Light Orchestra. We could’ve gone with almost any early ELO song, but we’ve decided to go with Do Ya. Originally recorded by The Move,  Jeff Lynne’s first group, the song only became a hit once ELO recorded it for their album.

Mik Kaminski, ELO’s violinist was at the height of his powers during this period and he has a killer violin solo in this song. Mik is still touring with his old bandmates, although the band dropped the “Electric Light” from their name, and is now known only as The Orchestra.

2. U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

This is probably the most influential song we have on the list, seeing how Time Magazine put “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as one of the 10 most important protest songs of our time. Even though the song is better remembered for its message, it features one of the best electric violin openings ever.

Steve Wickham, the group’s violinist did a great job embellishing Bono’s lead vocals, helping set the song’s somber mood right from the get-go. And if you think the album version is great, wait until you hear the 1983 live version.

3. Dave Mathews Band – Tripping Billies

While some fans like to ignore this, there’s no way around it: Boyd Tinsley was a huge part of the Dave Mathews Band. His departure from the band left a bad taste in many people’s mouth, however, you can’t deny the fact that the man is amazing with a violin in his hands (electric and otherwise).

If there’s one song DMB fans would like to hear live again, it’s this one. Tripping Billies has been a summer staple for almost three decades at this point. Boyd’s solo is so amazing, so amazing that he even gets a shout-out on the song.

4. Frank Zappa – The Gumbo Variations

Although Zappa considered himself to be “a composer in the traditional sense” he was a pop star in his own right. While Gumbo Variations was never released as single, it’s one of the standout tracks off Zappa’s second solo album, Hot Rats.

This 17-minute monstrosity is more of a jam session than a song. Among other curiosities, it includes an awesome electric violin solo, performed by non-other than Don ‘Sugarcane’ Harris. Don was a pioneer rock violinist who collaborated with everyone from John Mayall to Little Richard.

Which One Will You Play?

We hope that you enjoyed our list of famous songs that feature the electric violin. What’s your favorite? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below.