Today we’re going to show you how to tune a banjo. This instrument is beloved and offers a very unique tone and texture.

The banjo is a staple in several styles of music, such as bluegrass, Dixieland jazz, Calypso and others. However, it is often used in other contexts such as country and even rock, when a different texture and uniqueness are needed. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to tune a banjo. 

Tuning by ear

Tuning by ear is often the preferred choice of some seasoned professionals. However, in able to tune by ear, you need to have a very developed sense of pitch. In other words, for being able to do this on a banjo (or any other string instrument for that matter) it is necessary to know the exact sound of all four strings. 

Although tuning by ear is fantastic, it does require an uncommon ability to hear and tell pitches. This is the reason why even most pros rely on tuners. 

How to Tune a Banjo with the Roadie 3

It is best to use a quality tuner if you want to accurately tune your banjo. You will be able to quickly and easily tune your instrument without second-guessing if you’re doing it right. 

For this, grab your banjo, and your Roadie 3, and let’s get started.

It is important to remember that the Roadie 3 is perfectly capable of tuning all popular music, and stringed instruments regardless of size and shape. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Turn on the Roadie 3
  2. Select banjo from the list of instruments
  3. Attach Roadie 3 to the tuning pegs
  4. Watch the magic happen

A bit of knowledge

Even though Roadie 3 will automatically tune your banjo to the correct pitches, it is important to know what those are. 

The most common banjo style is a 5-string banjo. It comes in standard tuning in open G – the notes from the 5th string to the 1st are G, D, G, B, and D.

Naturally, you can also use other tools for tuning. However, options like tuning forks, the keyboard, and other stringed instruments still require a relatively well-developed ear. In other words, do not try if you’re a beginner or intermediate player. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief guide on how to tune a banjo. It is relatively simple, especially if you use a quality tuner like the Roadie 3. With this tuner, you don’t even have to worry about turning the pegs or whether it’s already in tune. Roadie 3 takes the guesswork out of tuning and turns it into a very simple and straightforward process. And now that your banjo is tuned up, it’s time to have some fun!