Today we’ve got seven Christmas songs to play on the ukulele. They are all simple, with most of them being very easy to learn.

In other words, you can learn all of these by Christmas if you apply yourself. Use our very own app: Roadie Coach available on IOS & Android; to speed up the learning process. These songs are well known and in some cases have made the careers of the artists and composers behind them. Here are seven Christmas songs to play on the ukulele. 

Last Christmas 

A modern classic! This song by the British pop duo Wham! has become a staple at Christmas celebrations around the world. “Last Christmas” was made immortal on the unique voice of superstar George Michael. It features an island strum and is sure to please your audience. 

All I Want for Christmas is You

Mariah Carey really hit it out of the park with this song. “All I Want for Christmas is You” is a favorite in many Christmas gatherings. It has that special appeal that a modern pop song has, and it’s also easy to play. Learn this one to impress everybody from grandma to your teenager cousins. Ok, maybe the kids won’t be impressed, but grandma definitely will!

Feliz Navidad

Add a bit of that Latin flavor to your Christmas party with “Feliz Navidad”. This one features lyrics in Spanish and English. But don’t worry, they are very easy to sing and also incredibly catchy. “Feliz Navidad” is an easy song and features three basic ukulele chords. A fan favorite for sure.

Jingle Bells

No Christmas celebration can be complete without some “Jingle Bells”. Luckily for you, this Christmas classic only features four basic uke chords. You can learn them on the Roadie Coach App. Easy to learn, easy to play, easy to please your family and friends. And with “Jingle Bells” you’ll surely have your entire family singing along. Merry Christmas!

Silent Night

This classic Christmas song will work wonders after everybody has eaten and is full. “Silent Night” features only three chords (C, G7 & F) and is quite easy to play. ( You can use our app to learn the diagrams and strumming patterns). Silent Night is a beloved Christmas hymn the world over with a beautiful melody. You just can’t go wrong with it.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

A classic modern Christmas song with a distant jazz feel. Hope I didn’t scare you with the word “jazz”. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” uses a couple of chords that are commonly found in jazz. Even though it is not a difficult song, it features a structure and chords that can serve as your next challenge. A beautiful Christmas song for sure. 

White Christmas

Irving Berlin, one of the greatest songwriters in history, wrote “White Christmas”. It quickly became a staple of Christmas around the world. It is also the best-selling single in history. And I don’t mean just for Christmas songs. “White Christmas” has sold more than any other song in history. Yes, Adele and Ed Sheeran are also on that list, but at a lower position. This bit of information will also serve as a nice introduction before you play “White Christmas” at the party. 

Joy to the World

It’s a Christmas carol you’ll no doubt be singing over the festive season. It was originally written by an English minister named Isaac Watts but was popularized by the American composer Lowell Manson in the 19th century. Not surprisingly, it sounds great on the Uke. So, pick it up, open the Roadie Coach App, and start practicing!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

This song also has English origins. It was popularized by the Bristol-based composer, organist & lecturer Arthur Warrell. Its popularity can also be attributed to Bing Crosby who introduced the carol to many across the Atlantic when he recorded it for the 1963 album I Wish You a Merry Christmas. So, we all know it, but can you play it? Try playing this popular tune with backing track using the Roadie Coach App.

Up on the Housetop

Up on the Housetop is the oldest Christmas song after Jingle Bells. Like many songs on the list, it was written by a Church Bishop, Benjamin Russell Hanby. He was inspired by “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” a poem by Clement C. Moore written in 1822. In more recent times, the song was recorded by many singers most notably Gene Autry in 1953 and Kimberley Locke in 2005.

Here’s a great cover by Destina Guerra! If you’re interested in more than just listening, try playing the song using the Roadie Coach app.

Playing the ukulele can be so much fun. And if you really want to make it interesting, learn the songs above so you can play them for your family at Christmas. They will sure love it and ask for more. Luckily, there are many well known and easy ukulele songs. If you are more advanced on the instrument, you can also spice it up a bit by learning some alternate tuning ukulele songs. In any case, this Christmas will be a great opportunity to share your music with loved ones. Feel free to comment which new ukulele songs you’d like to learn.