Today we’re going to give you the 4 best guitar capos currently on the market.

Simply said, capos help you change keys without having to rely on bar chords or awkward guitar fingerings. while keeping the same chord shapes. They are common tools among songwriters that want to easily change the tonality of a song. Today’s capos have evolved a lot from what they used to be. As a result, they are more stable, precise, durable, and easier to use. 

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Without further ado, here are the 4 best guitar capos today.

Paige 6 String Standard Guitar Capo

This capo provides good performance at an affordable price. You get even pressure across the fretboard, which in turn offers you more consistent tuning. This capo features a soft felt padding to keep it versatile for use with many guitars. In other words, it won’t scratch the finish on your instrument, and is good even for delicate vintage guitars.

Despite being made mostly for acoustic guitars, this capo works well in many electrics, including Les Paul and the Stratocasters.  

Ernie Ball Axis Capo

This capo features a very simple construction that is quite effective. It is a standard spring-loaded model that’s easy to use, and delivers solid performance at an affordable price point.

It even has a slick overall design with no sharp angles, as well a matte silver finish that looks fantastic. 

This capo works with stringed instruments of all sizes, from ukuleles to steel string and nylon string guitars. 

G7th Performance 3 Steel String Guitar Capo

black guitar capo

This capo offers the best tuning stability of any model on the market. Naturally, there is a price to pay for this, but it is well worth it. This is especially true if you are a professional that needs to be in tune at all times.  

As a matter of fact, failure of tuning stability is one of the most important issues that trouble standard capos. 

The mechanism on this capo doesn’t depend on a spring or a clamp – instead, you fix it in position by simply squeezing it. There is a release button to move or remove it when necessary.

D’Addario NS Artist Capo

This capo is produced by one of the top brands in guitar accessories, and this capo is further proof of its long-standing quality. It features a trigger-style mechanism that is easy to set up and very convenient.

This capo offers a simple solution and is also durable while remaining affordable. 

The 4 best guitar capos on this list will certainly get the job done for musicians of all levels, even those that just started learning guitar. Whether you want to try a song in a different key, or simply change its tonality, these capos will get the job done in style.