Guitar Tabs

The 8 best websites for guitar tabs are a great resource. They contain thousands of songs, killer riffs, burning solos, and more.

Guitar players can get lost in the wide array of information presented as tabs in these five websites. However, tabs are a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can be very handy for learning repertoire and as a shortcut for most beginner guitarists. On the other hand, the exclusive use of tabs can hinder your growth as a musician. 

The reason for this is simple. Tabs were designed to make life easier for guitarists that typically can’t read music. But in the real world, other musicians use standard notation and not tabs. Sorry to ruin your night, but it’s true. If you want to pursue a serious career as a guitarist, learn to read music and use tabs as an additional resource. Yes, you can hate me now, but you’ll thank me later. Now that you have been warned, here are the 8 best websites for guitar tabs. 

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is the best-known website for guitar tabs. They have been around for years and have earned the respect and trust of the tab-guitar community. They feature a very extensive collection of tabs submitted by users. As usual, user-submitted material may come with inaccuracies. So always use your ears and judge accordingly. By the way, the use-your-ears-to-judge-accordingly feature in your brain should always be activated.  techniques, all about the guitar. In short, a fantastic website for tabs and extensive educational materials.

Our choice: The Roadie Coach App

Fast-track your guitar learning journey, with the Roadie Coach App by Roadie Music. (iOS | Android)

This is the first and only AI-based guitar and ukulele learning app that listens to you play and guides you with customized feedback, just like a music teacher would. Coach will mainly help you :

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  • Learn any song from scratch & at you OWN pace
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In Songsterr, you can listen to the tabs via MIDI instruments. This feature is quite useful when learning a new song or riff. The playback interface lets you pause, play, and change the volume of individual tracks for the tab you are working on. Songsterr also features a large collection of tabs. And that means you’ll most likely find any song you want to learn via tabs in Songsterr. 

Guitar Pro Tabs

Guitar Pro Tabs is another great website for learning with tabs. The main difference here is that you have to download the tabs instead of just having access to them via the site. Many guitarists will love this feature, as you don’t need to be connected to the internet to read the tabs. Guitar Pro Tabs is also very consistent with the quality of their tabs. That means you won’t have to deal with inaccuracies. But do keep using your ears at all times. Always. 

Guitar Tab Universe

This website features a very clean and well-organized interface. It does not have a native tab player, but you do get very high-quality tabs instead. Guitar Tab Universe has been around for years and has developed a great reputation for being seamless and easy to use. It features mostly popular songs with accurate tabs. 


The ever-present video giant makes an appearance yet again. YouTube features a great number of accounts that provide tabs and video. For many, this is a fool-proof approach as you can see exactly how to play the tab in front of you. There are a plethora of YouTube channels that feature high-quality tabs and videos. Rest assured, there are also many that are not good. As always, use your ears. 

National Guitar Academy

This website features tabs from many of the best-known songs in the world. You get access to timeless classics as well as other resources that can be of great use, especially for beginners.

National Guitar Academy also offers tips, lessons,s and interesting facts to complete the user experience. You can spend hours on this website, as it goes well beyond offering just tabs and has very valuable information.


GuitarNick is a fantastic website for tabs and much more. The main goal of this page is for its users to learn to play the guitar via tabs and have fun in the process. This website is well organized and has its tabs classified by style, artist, style of playing, etc. 

Additionally, it also offers many lessons for all types of guitarists. Whether you play electric, acoustic, or nylon string, GuitarNick has plenty of information for you and is a great resource. 


Chordie features hundreds of guitar tabs for all levels and genres. Besides having an effective classification method for tabs, this website also lists the top 5 tabs for each category. 

You can also search your tab by artist, in a vast library with a separate page for more convenience.

Additionally, Chordie also features a user-uploaded library of books. These books can be downloaded by the user and cover a wide array of styles, topics and

Use the eight best websites for guitar tabs to your advantage. Feel free to try them all and see which ones are your favorites. Find out what works for you and go hard. Remember to complement tabs with actual music notation whenever possible. This will make you a well-rounded guitar player and if you keep at it, an in-demand musician. So grab your guitar, plug it in, tune-up, and start having fun with all these great websites.