Today we are gonna look at the three best country guitar licks to learn now. These licks will help you in several ways.

First, you can use them in a country situation to sound like you are playing in style. Second, they can be an introduction to the rich world of country guitar. And third, they will help you to keep developing your guitar skills in general. These are fun and can come in handy in a variety of situations. After all, you never know when you’ll be in the middle of a jam session and a country song is called. With these three licks, you can make your way through a solo and still sound like you know what you are doing. Here are the three best country guitar licks to learn now.  

Two note with pull-off

In this lick, we are going to be using the minor third and the flat seventh of the chord to create an authentic country lick. You can use this lick over a G chord, and if you are feeling adventurous you can also transpose it to use in any key. Finger your typical open G chord first. Then play a Bb note (third fret, third-string), then pulling it off to then play it again twice. From then you’re gonna bend the flat seventh (F, on the fourth string third fret). Hit that open G chord and then play an ascending G major pentatonic scale. You’ll end it with a nice open G chord. A very simple yet effective country lick. You’re welcome. 

Finger-picking thirds lick

Finger-picking is very used in country guitar. This lick uses fingerpicking to add that very typical country flavor. Start on the third string seventh fret, then first string seventh fret. From them you’re going to move down the neck on the G major scale, always alternating with the third string.  Then hit the bass G note on the sixth string, followed by a triplet of G, A,B on the third string. The lick ends with the notes F#, G, E, D, E. 

Hybrid-picking lick

For the final lick we’re going to use hybrid picking. Here we are still on the key of G. Let’s start with the flat seventh note that pulls off (G to a B, both on the second string). We’re gonna alternate that with an open G string. Then E to B (second string), followed by the G string, D to B, Bb to B, G, to F, to G. This lick ends with D, E, G, E, then three triplets of G, A, G; E, D, B; Bb, A, G and finally F and D. This lick is the most complex of all three. Then again, if you practice it, it will become quite simple. Yup, just like that. 

Learning a variety of licks in different styles is a great way to work on your guitar skills. These can be high distortion rock licks, blues licks, jazz licks, and country guitar licks. Working on them will give you a broad view of the possibilities on guitar and make you a stronger player. Knowing specific style licks will also help you be more versatile. Take your time and practice these three best country guitar licks until you know them well. Better yet, transpose them and work them out in different parts of the guitar neck. Let us know what kind of licks you would like to learn in the comment section.