Any of the items on this list of 5 father’s day gift ideas will surely make dad happy. Better yet, get him a couple of these for a truly special father’s day.

Whether your dad already plays music or is just looking to get started, we have something here for him. Forget the typical gift of a tie or shirt, go for something unique that will put a smile on the person you love. Without further ado, here are 5 father’s day gift ideas. 

Roadie Coach

Your dad will surely love Roadie Coach. This is the ultimate tool for musicians that want to get better and have fun while learning. Coach can help daddy improve on guitar, singing, and ukulele. It conveniently attaches to the instrument and offers instant feedback that is sure to help with musical progress. This tool features a high-quality microphone to record your practice sessions and more.

Coach stores and organizes all recordings automatically, and you can also use them to receive feedback on your practice sessions.

This tool is great for beginners as well as players that are experienced. It comes with an interactive app that features easy-to-follow visuals and a step-by-step learning approach. 

Add to that a library of songs that can be played at different speeds so you can learn at your own pace and improve. Overall, a fantastic learning tool that your dad is sure to love. 

Kala KA-15 Ukulele

If you want to give your dad a fun and stimulating present, check out the Kala KA-15 UkuleleThe popularity of the ukulele has exploded in the last decade and for good reason. This instrument is relatively easy to play, small, and easy to store, and there are many resources for learning it.

Additionally, the ukulele allows the user to dig deep into the repertoire of popular songs

Besides all the info available, there are also endless tutorials on how to play just about any song you can think of. To top it off, the ukulele is also one of the most inexpensive instruments that you could buy. 

So if you want to give your dad a challenge as well as a fun instrument that is also affordable, check out this ukulele. 

Roadie 3 Tuner

What good is a nice instrument if you cannot tune it well? With Roadie 3 you are guaranteed accurate tunning. This tuner features a motor that is twice as fast as its predecessor and automatically tunes your instrument. 

Besides getting your standard tunning, Roadie 3 can also tune your instrument to over 150 alternate tunings. 

Besides being an incredibly accurate tuner, Roadie 3 includes a built-in vibrating metronome that is a must for any musician looking to get better. Add to that a powerful winding feature that lets you restring and tune in one single step for a fantastic gift for any musician. 

Sennheiser HD 280 Heaphones

Dad really deserves to listen to music in some quality headphones. This Sennheiser model will provide quality and comfort, at an affordable price. Besides listening to music with a nice pair of headphones, with this gift your dad will surely be able to practice late into the night without bothering anybody. 

With world-renowned quality, Sennheiser has been at the forefront of audio products for decades, and these headphones are further proof of that. 

Dunlop Guitar Maintenance Kit

What can you give your dad if he already has plenty of instruments? A complete maintenance kit! The Dunlop 6500 works great not only for guitars but for a variety of instruments. These include the bass and most ukuleles.

This kit features a wood cleaner, a fret conditioner, body gloss spray, guitar polish, string cleaner, and 2 soft cloths. In other words, you get everything you need to keep your instruments in tip-top shape.

This list of 5 father’s day gift ideas features great presents for dad. If you want to give something truly special, any of the choices above will do. So get your dad something different this year in the shape of a gift that he will remember forever. Happy father’s day!