inspired musician

Today we’re going to talk about 5 ways musicians get inspired. The term inspiration refers to being mentally stimulated to do something, especially in the creative realm.

Inspiration and artistry tend to go hand in hand and feed each other. However, we need to be careful with inspiration. Why? Because you cannot depend on it if you truly want to succeed as a musician on any level. 

In other words, you cannot wait for inspiration to practice, show up to rehearsal, etc. What if you’re not inspired for three weeks? Does that mean you don’t touch your instrument for just as long? We’ve got to rely on discipline and focus. That being said, sometimes we can find inspiration to help propel us forward. Here are the 5 ways musicians get inspired.


Few feelings in the world compare with seeing your own progress through hard work and constant practice. It is truly inspiring to be able to do things you weren’t able to do before. And if you can implement an effective daily practice routine, you’re going to get exponentially better on your instrument. I know that for some, practicing may seem like the least inspiring thing to do. But if you do it right and hard enough, the results will make you feel inspired. 

Share with other musicians

Being in a band can be very inspiring, especially if you’re surrounded by good musicians. You will be inspired to raise your game and be at their level. Even if you just share jamming moments with other musicians, this can be inspiring. On the other hand, if you want to write a song, try writing with another songwriter. Sharing thoughts, ideas and visions of music can be uplifting, fresh and inspiring.

Listen to music actively

Listening to music actively means that your focus is completely placed in the music. In other words, you’re not jogging, washing dishes, talking on the phone, etc. Listening actively gives you a better understanding of what is happening and what you’re really hearing. What is the song saying? What is the bass doing in relation to the drums? Listening actively is another great way to experience new music. What I mean is music that you have never heard before, in addition to what just came out. Those legendary records that were done decades ago can be a great source of inspiration.

Watch a movie or read a book

This one is very similar to listening to music actively. There is so much to learn from other art forms, and they can surely inspire us beyond belief. Grab a great book and dive deep, you will likely be inspired once you’re done reading it. The same applies to a great movie or even a series. Well presented stories that move us can be a fantastic source of inspiration. Take advantage of that. 

Leave your house

So simple yet so effective. You don’t necessarily need to travel to Paris, although that should inspire you as well. Go up to the woods, the beach, the lake, the cafe in the middle of town. Getting out of your house, experiencing nature, and going to a new place are great ways to find inspiration. Taking a walk alone can get your blood pumping faster and make you feel more alive. In return, this can bring you inspiration.

These 5 ways musicians get inspired are not complicated. They can give you a new perspective and stimulate you to create. However, please don’t rely only on inspiration. As beautiful as it is, no professional says “I’m not going to show up to work unless I feel inspired”. That kind of attitude is extremely detrimental. So show up, practice your instrument and write your songs daily. If inspiration comes, great. If not, you can try one of the tips above and hope for the muse’s visit.