The best online jamming websites are a godsend. First, they are a great way to practice. Second, they are fun. Third, they are especially useful in a time of pandemic and limited social contact.

What’s there not to like? In other words, there has never been a better time to use online jamming websites. Moreover, online jamming websites can make the idea of practicing much more exciting. They can help you with listening and reacting. For instance, you can play along with a track that contains several instruments. In return, this forces you to really listen and play in time. They are not a replacement for playing with other musicians in the same room or practicing with a metronome. However, online jamming websites can be sort of a bridge between playing totally alone and playing in a band. Here are the best online jamming websites.


JamKazam lets you play live music in sync with other musicians in different locations. Talk about a solution to rehearsing during quarantine! In addition, you can also co-write and produce music remotely. This site also features Jamtracks, in case you just want to jam with some well-made tracks. 


Jamulus is a software available through a free download. It enables musicians to carry out real-time performances over the internet. It runs with several operating systems including Windows, OS, and Linux. Furthermore, it is easy to use and therefore a good solution to remote jamming.


This one needs no introduction. It features an ever-growing number of tracks. For instance, there are very high-quality jazz, metal, rock, and blues tracks online. Similarly, you can also upload your tracks for others to use. Obviously, YouTube is not to jam remotely with other musicians. However, the immense variety of jam tracks that it features is quite valuable for a developing musician. 


Ninjam is an open-source software that allows musicians to jam together via the internet. It provides a virtual console where each musician can adjust their mix to according to their preferences. Additionally, it is compatible with Mac OS X, Linus, and Windows. 


Soundjack is another great resource to use during these social distancing times. It is branded as a real-time communication system. It encourages musical interaction and has become popular for jamming musicians across the globe.   

Ideally, jamming should be done in person. However, there are times in which that is not possible, as Covid has proven to us recently. As a result, online jamming websites have become popular, especially during 2020. The main challenge with these sites is latency (the delay present when a sound is made and when you actually hear it). As a result, most of these sites have come up with their own ways to minimize latency. However, many of these sites also offer tracks. For instance, YouTube has become a great source of well-made tracks to practice along with. Similarly, these sites have also been adding tracks of their own to offer more options to musicians. In conclusion, these sites offer you effective ways to keep developing a musician. Feel free to leave us a comment.