Have you ever wondered what are the 5 most used types of guitars?

We already know that the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world. However, there are five guitars that account for most of the sales and popularity of the instrument. From rock to blues, and going into classical and jazz, this instrument has become a staple of modern music. Although there are many reasons for this, their relatively low price and overall fun factor make guitars ideal instruments for many musicians around the globe. Here are the 5 most used types of guitars. 

Solid-body electrics

Solid-body electric guitars started showing up in the middle of last century. They became quite popular because they did not produce feedback like the hollow body guitars available until that point. Additionally, they were easy to maintain and fun to play! 

The two most popular models are the Stratocaster and the Les Paul. The debate over which of these two is better has been around for seven decades. There are legendary players that favored Strats, and others that favored Les Pauls. Naturally, the best is to have at least one of each, but beware of G.A.S.

Semi-hollow body electrics

Semi-hollow body electric guitars appeal to players that want to have the warmth and depth of a hollow body, but with the convenience and bite of a solid body. For many, they offer the best of both worlds of eclectic guitars. Semi-hollow guitars feature a solid wood block on the middle of their body, that helps tame feedback. At the same time, these guitars are not as voluminous as a full hollow body. Instead, semi-hollows have a smaller acoustic cavity inside their bodies that still provides more warmth and resonance than a hollow body. These types of guitars also have legendary players that swear by them. 

Acoustic guitars

Steel-string acoustic guitars are quite popular, especially for songwriters and folks that just like to play songs. They have a uniquely bright sound that projects well, and allows for hours of fun. These types of instruments are used not only by professionals but by hobbyists of all walks of life. After all, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing evening playing the songs you like after a hard day at work. 

Classical guitars

Classical guitars have a bit of a misleading name. This is because they can be used for much more than just playing classical music. As a matter of fact, classical music is what is played the least with these beautiful instruments. Classical or nylon-string guitars are widely used for genres like folk, bossa nova, flamenco, and more. Because these instruments are easier on the fingers than steel-string guitars, many prefer them. 

Electro-acoustic guitars

Electro-acoustic guitars are often misunderstood. They are simply acoustic guitars that have features an amplification system that lets you plug them into an amp or PA. They can be either steel string or nylon string. Naturally, adding an amplification system to an acoustic guitar makes the price go up. However, this is a must for professionals or even hobbyists that occasionally do a coffee shop gig or open mic. 

The 5 most used types of guitars are responsible for most instrument sales in the world. They can be fun and inspiring, and my guess is they will remain popular for quite some time. Naturally, you get what you pay for. Prices for these types of guitars can range from 200 dollars to 5 thousand dollars. They say that you get what you pay for right? Well, guitars are no exception, and some people are willing to spend serious money on their passion. Feel free to leave us a comment on your favorite type of guitar.